Hey Simplicity Seeker,
Did you know? There is much more to minimalism than empty spaces, detachment, and decluttering.
There are surprising applications of minimalism in areas you may not be aware of (yet).
That’s where Minimal Angle comes in. The purpose is to take you off the beaten path of minimalism.
You can find the benefits of more time, energy, and resources in many unexpected areas. And I will show them to you.
I base my recommendations on research, studies, statistics, and actionable advice. So you can apply the principles of minimalism in these unexpected areas.
Who am I?

Let’s stay with my name first…because answering this question goes pretty deep. So my name is Tobias, and I am the founder of Minimal Angle.
How do I relate to minimalism?
Let’s say it in my father’s words: “If Tobias has a mattress, internet, a camping stove, and protein powder, he is happy…“. 
Or let’s take my words when my brother and I learned snowboarding, and he asked me how we should learn it.
My answer: “Let’s skip the bunny hill, go straight up to the top, and easy peasy snowboard(?) down. Look at the advanced ones over there. Looks pretty easy, doesn’t it? So let’s agree it only comes down to using the snowboard’s edge….
Well, it did, and we made it down…the first 80% of tries on our faces. And as a bonus, my brother ended up with a bloody nose. Yet we learned it faster than using the bunny hill for three days before going to the top of the mountain.
If you want to learn more about my bio, you can head over to my website here.